Your Prenatal Massage Therapy Center

Becoming a parent is one of the happiest feelings that an individual goes through. But it is also a very difficult time as your body experiences numerous changes at the same time. Although these changes are considered to be natural and can be treated with antibiotics. But if you are looking for an organic alternative for dealing with it then prenatal massage therapy is the best option.

Prenatal massage therapy means a soon going to be mother undergoes a specialised massage that focuses on pressure points and nerve relaxing. Unlike conventional massage therapies that include oil and lotion, prenatal massage only works on putting pressure on your body using specific fingers of the masseuse's hand. This helps in transferring energy into your body which is quite essential for recovering from sore muscles and other sorts of pains.

These massages are the best alternative if you are looking to give natural birth and do not want to indulge in medication. Along with this our massage studio also focuses on reflexology which is a form of prenatal massage with bare hands. These messages focus on different body parts so that all your aches and pains can be removed.

The simple definition of reflexology is that your hands and feet have various pressure points that affect the condition of specific body parts. By putting pressure on these points a masseuse is able to cure pain and sore muscles of that particular body part. These massages have now become popular over the years as they do not require long hours of therapy and can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

Raising Awareness of Prenatal Massage

Jessica Smith's Prenatal Massage Therapy studio, in support of the American Pregnancy Association, is raising awareness about the importance of pregnancy body massage for both you and your unborn child. Through a partnership with Think CNA Online, our massage therapists are expertly trained as certified nursing assistants online and have years of prenatal experience. Come in during the month of September to receive a complimentary first-time prenatal massage from one of our qualified therapists. Discounts will be available if you wish to purchase a package for the duration of your pregnancy term. Contact us today to learn more about this limited promotion.

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